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CampusAccess at Indiana Universit


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CampusAccess Card

CampusAccess is a declining balance account associated with your Indiana University ID card.

To begin using your CampusAccess account, just make a deposit. See Deposit Options

There are no fees for using CampusAccess.

While no PIN is required to complete a purchase, the CampusAccess card carries a photograph of the cardholder minimizing the risk of fraudulent use.

CampusAccess is a convenient way to make purchases throughout the day without the risks of carrying cash or a separate debit or credit card.

CampusAccess funds are accepted both on and off campus.

Unlike a bank ATM, debit or credit card, cash cannot be withdrawn from the CampusAccess account. Funds deposited into the account may only be used at participating merchants to purchase approved goods and services.

Among the items prohibited from sale via CampusAccess are alcohol, tobacco products, lottery tickets and gift cards.

Lost cards can be suspended immediately from any device offering internet access.

Accounts which are inactive for more than a calendar year may be subject to a dormant account fee.

If you leave Indiana University with CampusAccess funds remaining, you may request a refund at

CampusAccess account Disclosures and Terms


CampusAccess at Indiana Universit