CampusAccess at Indiana Universit

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CampusAccess at Indiana Universit


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About The Card bar

The CampusAccess Card is the official Indiana University Photo Identification card for the Bloomington campus. Although the card is issued to individuals, the card remains the property of Indiana University and is intended for use only by the university and its affiliates.

Each card is assigned a unique 16-digit card number and a separate 13-digit printed barcode. Along with the cardholder's printed name and photograph, the numbers allow accurate identification of the cardholder both on and off campus.

The cardholder's university status as student, faculty or staff member also is printed on the face of the card.

A magnetic stripe on the back of the card is encoded with the card number and expiration date. No other information is carried on the CampusAccess card.

The barcode and magnetic stripe allow various systems to recognize the identity of the cardholder for purposes such as door access, on-campus residential dining, and use of recreational facilities.

A financial account is associated with each CampusAccess photo identification card. Cardholders may deposit funds in their account for use both on and off campus. Account Management


Do not post your card on social media - Various financial accounts are associated with your ID card.  Would you post your debit card for anyone to see?
Do not bend, break or punch holes in your card - The chip and antenna will cease to function if you do.  You will have to pay to replace a damaged card.
Do not lend your card to others - The person you lend it to could damage it, lose it, or spend money from your account(s).
Do not store your card near magnets - The stripe on the back is magnetic.  Exposure to magnetic fields can cause the stripe to stop working.
Only a single card is valid in the card system - Whenever a lost card is replaced a new barcode, card number and chip are assigned to your record.  Old cards can never be put back into service.


CampusAccess at Indiana Universit