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CampusAccess at Indiana Universit


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CampusAccess Card

ID Basics:

The CampusAccess Card is the official Indiana University Photo Identification for the Bloomington campus.

The name that will appear on your card will be your legal name unless you have designated a preferred name in Student Information Services (SIS). See the IU Knowledge Base for more information about preferred name.

A photograph of each cardholder is printed on the ID card. A new photograph may be required when a card is replaced if the photo on file does not closely resemble the cardholder at that time. Rules applied to photographs draw upon federal Department of State criteria and do not allow head coverings other than for religious purposes.

First ID:

To get your first ID card at no charge present your 10 digit University ID number and a valid government issued photo ID in English at either Card Services office.

Your legal name on the valid government issued photo ID must match the primary/legal name in IU's Peoplesoft system before a first ID card can be issued.

You must be registered for the current academic term in order to get a card.

New students may receive their ID card beginning one week prior to the start of an academic term.

Incoming students attending summer orientation should receive their ID card during orientation. Review your orientation packet for more details.

Expired ID:

Expired ID cards will be renewed at no charge provided you turn in the expired ID card. Expired ID card renewal requires a new photograph. Failure to return the expired ID card will result in a $25.00 lost/stolen card fee.

Cards expire on the last day of the month/year printed on the face of the card. You may renew your expiring ID card anytime during the month of expiration.

You may renew an expired or replace a lost, stolen or damaged ID card over the summer provided you were enrolled in classes the previous spring term and are enrolled in classes for the next fall term.

Replacement ID:

Lost or stolen ID cards will be replaced for a $25.00 fee.

  • You should suspend your card the moment you realize it's missing. This will ensure your accounts are secure and building access privileges are not compromised. You can do so by either clicking on the tab above labeled Suspend Card, or you can call Campus Card Services durring office hours at (812) 855-2605.
  • For security purposes, if your card is found you must go to one of our two Campus Card Service locations in person to reactivate your card and accounts. You must provide your 10-digit university ID number and your card to complete the process.

Damaged, Name Change, or Photo Changes will be replaced for a $9.00 fee provided you turn in your current card to Campus Card Services. Failure to turn in your card will result in a $25.00 fee.

If your name has changed, Campus Card Services will issue a card with a new name provided we can verify the name change through the Registrar, or you bring a copy of the name change form issued by the Registrar.


CampusAccess at Indiana Universit